The advantages

For the whole process chain

From purchasing to design to production: The Lost Foam casting process offers advantages throughout the whole process chain. Engineers as well as designers, technicians and buyers profit from this.

Innovative Konstruktionsmöglichkeiten


Innovative possibilities in design engineering

  • highly complex component designing
  • flexible integration of secondary functions
  • reduction of material and weight
  • undercuts and ducts
  • no backdrafts needed
  • high flexibility with regard to changes

Gießtechnische Vorteile


Advantages of the casting technique

  • One burrless component instead of welded or joined individual parts
  • Hardly any machining operations and post-treatment
  • Pre-casting of drillings and channels
  • Omission of venting
  • Omission or reduction of feeders
  • Easy demolding

Wirtschaftliche Effizienz


Economic efficiency

  • significant product cost advantages
  • low tool costs, no core boxes
  • minimal tool wear
  • low staff requirements
  • high function integration
  • rapid prototyping is possible
  • reduction of production and storage space
  • less raw material needed due to elimination of backdrafts

Ökologische und gesundheitliche Aspekte


Environmental and health aspects

  • low physical strain due to light patterns and low odor nuisance
  • very low dust and noise emissions due to minimal fettling effort
  • reusability of the molding material
  • waiver of binders

The process in comparison