Lost Foam - Internationales Symposium am 07. & 08. November 2018 in Bremen

Getting in touch with the future of Lost Foam Casting
The international symposium for Lost Foam Casting from November 7th to 8th in Bremen is a worldwide important event for this technology, meanwhile especially expanding in Asia. Profi t from lectures and workshops with leading Lost Foam experts from Europe, China, Mexico and the USA.

Learn more about the latest technological developments and application possibilities for Lost Foam. Find out about general conditions and quality requirements in diff erent sales markets. On the basis of examples, experience which problems and challenges can be solved with Lost Foam today. Gain hands-on knowledge about current trends, application possibilities
and cast-part designs. Meet numerous speakers from all over the world and take advantage of the exchange with the most important industry drivers - the world of Lost Foam awaits you!

Your springboard for innovation
As a part of the symposium, the LFC Award 2018 will be presented. The prize is awarded for the implementation of a casting which exploits the specific advantages of the Lost Foam process and highlights the superiority of the technology.
Show what you are capable of!
For further information or to register please contact:
Petra Theile
+49 (0)421 2246-101
To register, please fill out the PDF and send it to us by e-mail.


Vorläufige Agenda:


Anmeldungen für den Lost Foam Award 2018 werden in Form eines Posters eingereicht. Die Vorlage wird Ihnen nach erfolgter Anmeldung zur Veranstaltung und Angabe einer gewünschten Award-Einreichung zugesandt. Ein Einblick in die Vorlage ist HIER einzusehen. Die Bewertung für den Award erfolgt durch die Teilnehmer. Es ist gewünscht, ein Beispielbauteil zur Veranstaltung mitzubringen (wenn möglich).

Eine deutschsprachige Pressemitteilung zu der Veranstaltung steht hier zum Download zur Verfügung.