• Foam molding machines producing cylinder heads
  • Cluster transportation from White Area to Casting Plant
  • Compaction station of the Vulcan Casting Plant
  • Machining Dept. for Liquid Cooled Housings
  • Liquid Cooled Housings for Electric Motors
  • Liquid Cooled Turbo Housing and EGR Valves

Isotta Fraschini started producing Lost Foam castings in 1992 and over the years has accumulated a wide experience in the process. Beside the ability to produce traditional castings like manifolds and cylinder heads today, Isotta is focused on new products as liquid cooled turbochargers and liquid cooled housings for electric motors to be used in hybrid or electric cars.

Today Isotta Fraschini strongly believe in GREEN TECHNOLOGY helping the Car Manufacturers Strategy supporting them in:

  • Reducing the average engine size aiming at increasing its efficiency and reducing the weight and so the consumption
  • Reducing the waste in using less metal with a better yield
  • Participating to the Worldwide CO2 emission reduction program and co-developing Hybrid and Electrical technologies expertise
  • Using ourselves less energy to produce our parts

As a producer of high quality, high accuracy castings for the Automotive Industry, we have supplied some of the most advanced Companies: BMW, BORG WARNER, BOSCH, FIAT, GM, LINAMAR, VALEO, BOSCH, ISKRA and MERCURY MARINE for the Marine Market. The IF casting plants are both located in Italy: Dongo (CO) and Spoleto (PG).




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